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Lab 12 : Grading System using Pl/SQL

Write a program in PL/SQL to Calculate Grade, GPA and CGPA after considering a result table where subject wise marks are inserted by computer operator. Insert your calculated result to another table using Trigger or Procedure or any other suitable way (suggested by you).

Lab 11 : Triggers, Prodedure and Cursor

Design any sample table(s) with necessary field and values. After considering the below questions and demonstrate all the issues.
a.       Triggers(Insert, Update, Delete)
b.      Procedure
c.       Cursor

Lab 10 : Design a ER Diagram for a Publisher for Book and Author Management

Draw the ER diagram to design a system for a publishing company that produces scientific books on various subjects. The books are written by authors who specialize in one particular subject. The company employs editors who not necessarily being specialists in a particular area, each take sole responsibility for editing one or more publications.
A publication covers essentially one of the specialist subjects and is normally written by a single author. When writing a particular book, each author works with editor, but may submit another work for publication to be supervised by other editors. To improve their competitiveness, the company tries to employ a variety of authors, more than one author being a specialist in a particular subject.

Lab 9 : Organizational Database Design

     Design a complete schema with relational diagram for the following situation: An organization has two types of employees, salaried and wage earning. Both the types of employees have some common properties, such as employee code, employee name, and employee address. However, the salaried employees have other additional properties: basic, allowance, and House Rent Allowance (HRA). The wage earning employees have distinct properties that are daily wage and overtime. You have to add additional table, if required, which is not mentioned above.

Lab 8 : ER diagram for a University Database

      A university DB contains information about professors (identified by SIN) and courses (identified by course ID). Professors teach courses; each of the following situations concerns the Teaches relationship set. For each situation, draw a combined ER diagram and cardianility ratio that describes it, and list all candidate keys of the Teaches relationship set.

a. Professors can teach the same course in several semesters, and each offering must be recorded.

b. Professors can teach the same course in several semesters, but only the most recent such offering needs to be records. Assume the above Situation (b) applies in all subsequent situations. Then, draw an ER-diagram that describes each of the following situations:

i). Every professor teaches a course, and every course is taught by some professor.

ii). Every professor teaches exactly one course, and every course is taught by exactly one professor.

Lab 7 : Binary Relation with M:N cardinality ratio for a supplier and engineering parts

Consider a binary relationship with M: N cardinality ratio. A supplier supplies many engineering parts, and a part is supplied by many suppliers. Do the following action and assume the circumstances to design the table.
                        a.   Design Table and consider non redundancy
                        b.   Necessary Constraints for cardinality radio.
                        c.   Check Constraint must be used for Suppliers’ City.
                        d.   Find the supplier NUMBER and CITY who supply part P2
e.  Find the supplier NUMBER(S) who belongs to London and   supplied part P2
f.   Find the supplier NUMBER who supplied maximum part

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