MBA MIS Study Link : Spring 2019

Study Materials of MIS

Short notes on the following (10-12 lines)
a) Structured Query Language

b) Database

c) Relational Database Management System

d) Distributed Database Management System

e) What is Normalization Technique?

f) How to design Directory Service in cloud environment?

g) What are the things you must consider to design a database?


Broad Question(1 page)

a) Illustrate your concept regarding Database Warehouse.

b) Write all the known data types of SQL table.

c) Design a Database to maintain a Fast Food management system.
Answer: Concept from Homework
d) Design a Database to maintain online order management system for a shop
Answer: Concept from Homework

 Write SQL Code (5-6 lines)
a) Create Table
b) Insert Values
c) How to show data from the database? Write the Source Code.

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